Counting Apples Worksheet

Preschool Worksheet Counting Apples

 Lets Count Apples and Match the Number! Preschool Worksheet Counting Apples  Preschoolers love to learn and they love to relate to things that they understand. Apples are a good tool to use when teaching small children to count. Cut them into … Read More


New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake Recipe

Who doesn't love... New York Cheesecake? Once in a while you have to splurge and this New York Cheesecake recipe is the one to splurge on. It is easy to make but it does take some time so save it for a special … Read More

Growing Food

Kratky Method To Grow Food

It has been another rainy day in Georgia but I'm not complaining considering last year was dry and hot. Before the storms hit hard I did a video on a container test using the B.A. Kratky method tp grow food. Using nothing but fertilizer and water and … Read More